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Digital Audio Workstation

Carillon Audio Workstation, Dell 3Ghz dedicated plugins satellite (FX teleport network)

Cubase 4, Creamware Power Pulsar audio environment, Creamware A16 Ultra audiobay, Steinberg Midex 8, Mackie Control



Mackie HR824's, Mackie HR624's



Focusrite Voicemaster, Berhinger Ultragain Pro + Composer, Roland JV1080 (Fully expanded), Proteus 2000 (fully expanded), Marshall JMP 1


Massive collection of plugins

East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold XP

East West Symphonic Choirs

East West Collossus

East West RA

East West Stormdrum

Zero G Celtic

Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Atmosphere, Trilogy, Stylus RMX (Fully Expanded!)

Native Instruments Kontakt 2&3, FM8, Absynth 4, Akoustik Piano, Elecktrik Piano, B4II, Pro53, Guitar Rig 3, Reaktor 5, Battery 3, Vokator, Spektral Delay, Massive

Korg Legacy Digital collection M1, Wavestation

Izotope Ozone 3, Trash, Spectron

Steinberg Halion 3, Halion Symphonic Orchestra, The Grand 2

Analogue heaven CS-80V, Imposcar, and many more!

Celemony Melodyne - Pitch and timing Correction

PSP Vintage Warmer

Arts Acoustic Reverb

Voxengo Pristine Space Convolution Reverb

Zebra 2



Red5 RV15 Valve mic

Red 5 RV10 x2

Rode NT2

Red5 RV4  x2

Full Drum mic set

AKG 3000

Shure SM58



Yamaha PF100 Digital Piano

CME UF8 Piano action MIDI controller

Yamaha APX electro acoustic

Yamaha CGX-171CCA classical with pickup and mic


Roland AX-7 strap on controller keyboard - sunglasses and Jan Hammer outfit supplied!



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